1. Maya Russell   •  

    I could never be an ambassador either. A friend of mine will be a volunteer Olympic guide. She had three interviews to get it!

  2. esther james   •  

    would be a fantastic opportunity but I know I would be rubbish!

  3. Sarah Bailey   •  

    If it’s something you want to do give it a try :). 

  4. Sarah Bailey   •  

    Wow, I have to admit I am slightly jealous of the people who will be doing something for the Olympics I would love to join in somehow. x

  5. Laura Carroll   •  

    I’d love to do it but would be way to scared to do a video lol!

  6. Maya Russell   •  

    I think we could just wave some flags for team GB!

  7. Sarah Bailey   •  

    I would stutter and stammer all over the place LOL. Would be nice if I could write it – you wouldn’t stop me then lol.x

  8. Piperanddaisy   •  

    I’m really sad I missed the deadline for this because I’m going to be an ambassador for my city (Coventry) during the Olympic football this year. It would have been great to be one of their reporters :-) 

  9. Alice Beaumont   •  

    What an amazing opportunity!

  10. Jane Mse English   •  

    Well as the deadline has passed I won’t be doing it!, but so looking forward to the Olympiad itself.  Just such a shame that they didn’t spread it out across the country more. Yes I know its the London Olympics, but come on we aren’t that big a country.
    I have friends who are competeing in both the Olmpics & the Paralymics representing us at Archery, so will be screaming at the TV when they get a Gold – oh & hopefully they will get a compentator who knows something about the sport too. At the Bejing Olympics we had to suffer someone who had no knowledge & kept refering to the the Gold/ Centre/Middle as bull this isn’t darts its ARCHERY!
    Good luck to everyone taking part & to all the volunteers too.

  11. Sarah Bailey   •  

    I agree – I’m nearish to Birmingham but find not much comes even this far, and it’s not that easy to up and off to London without planning. So I  often think it about a lot of things, just spread things out more. 

    Good luck to all your friends taking part! Would love to know how they do if you fancy popping back and letting me know :). xx

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