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Do you Skype?

Advances in technology have meant it has become simple to keep up with friends and family no matter where in the world they are; be it the other side of the globe or just down the street we can contact them at the click of a button – even the thought of running up a huge phone bill doesn’t stand in our way these days with the internet bring us services such as Skype that enable us to instantly chat face to face, or perhaps even witness that not to be missed moment live from where ever you happen to be with the introduction of smartphones and such free to use services.

I’m not much of a phone person but there have been times when I’ve needed to talk to someone and to see that friendly face, to be able to know they are sincere in what they are saying which is often so hard to do through the written word alone – so Skype at those times has been the place to go to for me.

Of course it offers so much more than just one to one conversations with group conversations available as well, meaning you can get all your friends in together, no matter where in reality you all happen to now live and have a good old time, sharing links in the chat area while trying to keep up with everyone talking over each other.

My other half has even used it to try and learn another language, by speaking to someone who knew both English and Japanese. He seemed to have a ball and even came away knowing a bit more than when he started.

In fact Skype has many uses check out this video of Andy Samberg from the comedy group Lonely Island showing just how some of our favourite actors and actresses might use it to audition for that next big blockbuster.

Do you use Skype, what’s your favourite thing to talk about across it?

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  1. Donah

    I like Skype, but now there’s Facetime too! Which is cool because it’s on my phone as well and quality seems better than Skype on my phone. I definitely agree with you in terms of convenience and being able to stay in touch with your loved ones, wouldn’t know how things would be if I wouldn’t be able to see my other half for months!! I guess you and I should Skype sometimes as well hahaha Happy Sunday hun! xx Donah

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I’ve heard of facetime but never used it, my Dad once rang me over facebook on the laptop and I could see him is that the same thing LOL. Ah yeah I bet you use this sort of thing a lot 🙁 don’t know how you do it. <3 xx

  2. mallory

    I love skype for my out of town friends. I also like g-chat and facetime too.

  3. Leia

    I love Skype– especially since I live across the world from my family and friends! But only when my internet is fast enough, which isn’t always guaranteed, lol. Google+ Hangouts can be really cool, too.

  4. Shelley Jessup

    I never have been a fan of skype, but I love facetime & I think thats because I can just use my phone where ever I am.

  5. Dee

    Ive never tried skype but i have an iphone and my daughter who lives 270 miles away has an ipad so we facetime on them. That way i get to see my grandson on a regular basis. Christmas morning was fantastic as we facetimed and i got to see him open some of his presents. It was really lovely. Brought a tear to my eye.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Aww that’s amazing – it’s wonderful the things you don’t have to miss these days that just well not that long ago without all these applications you would have had to.

  6. Wendy Tolhurst

    Haven’t yet got round to Skype but, with a daughter due to go to University this year & family all over the world I’m sure I’ll be using it soon!

  7. Dominique

    I occasionally use skype, I do like it 🙂
    I live on the opposite side of the world/ 10,000 miles+ from most of my family and friends so it’s nice to have the option to see/hear someone.
    However, time differences, people working, studying etc still make texting and such so much more convenient.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I think even if it’s once in a blue moon it’s just nice to see a face if you can’t get to see them in reality that often, makes the distance seem less somehow 🙂 x

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