Convair Eco Air Purifier: Review

Convair Eco Air PurifierAs a child I had asthma, which would be joined in the summer by hay fever – luckily as I got older I grew out of it; sadly my Dad though has had to deal with hay fever throughout his life, and quite often has to close all the windows in the heat of summer as he just can’t stop sneezing (believe me being in a car with no air con in the middle of summer with my Dad is not fun!).

So when I saw a chance come up to review an air purifier I knew he really would put it to the test and see what happened.

Sadly the damp weather meant my Dad’s hay fever was held at bay (don’t tell him I said that) until this past week when the sun brought the sneezing on in force now we probably should have pre-empted the sneezing fits and had the purifier on to keep the sneezing at bay but what good does that do when it comes to seeing just how well it works – so being the loving wife my Mum is she let my Dad go into full sneezing fit before running in with the purifier.

He found the air purifier quickly calmed his sneezing, and kept him stable throughout the time he stayed in the lounge of course that could have just been coincidence bar the fact when he did finally leave to help with the washing up his sneezing fits returned only to be subdued again when he returned. He now has it ready and waiting at all times, to switch on as soon as he feels a sneezing fit might be on the way.

In use it is very quiet even when used on the highest setting it contains HEPA filters that help filter out things such as pollens, gases, fumes and cigarette smoke while destroying microorganisms, bacteria & fungal spores. This unit in particular is low priced coming in at just £49.97 though if you use the code: 25PURE you will get £25 off making it just £24.97.

Having seen just how much this air purifier has helped my Dad – I can only say if you have someone who does have such allergies in your hope pop on over to Appliances Direct now and order one.

Have you ever used an air purifier, and if so what did you think of it?


  1. Melanie   •  

    Thank you for this review!

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      It’s really worth it if you do have allergies its made a huge difference :) x

  2. Tara Todd   •  

    Wow, I love the sleek design!!! My oldest son has asthma and we have tried a few of these, this is probably the prettiest one i have seen 😀

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      It really is nice – I tried to take a picture of it out of the box but all you could see was my ugly mug in it lol xx

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      Oh no – I hope one helps I really was surprised on the difference it actually did make x

  3. Granny Beth   •  

    We use a wood burning stove in the winter months and air purifiers are a necessity.. this one looks great.
    Granny Beth would love you to check out…Compost 101My Profile

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      I bet it is amazing having having a wood burning stove in the winter though :) x

  4. Erin Hatton   •  

    Thanks for the review. Sounds like a great product. My husband and I both suffer from asthma and hay fever, and it would be nice not to have to medicate.
    Erin Hatton would love you to check out…Tuesday Critique: Seumas on a missionMy Profile

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      It seems to work better than medication with my Dad I was surprised just how much of a difference it did make x

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      Honestly aimed me the difference it made – I’m so used to things being yeah this is meant to do blah blah blah and it does nothing but this really did seem to clean the air! x

  5. Katherine   •  

    Ok, I need this. I am always sneezing, this would be perfect.

  6. Ashley   •  

    Thank you for this review! I think we actually need this. Living in Las Vegas it is so dry and dusty! My nose is always itchy and this might be a great solution!
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  7. TJ Sims   •  

    What a great review! With two little ones I love having an air purifier. I have had mine for a while so when it is time to buy a new one I am def. looking into this one!

  8. jheylo   •  

    This is a very wonderful product. I like that it has HEPA filter. I think we should consider having this to purify the air we breath in
    jheylo would love you to check out…599fashion ReviewMy Profile

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      Definitely amazing the difference that just this little filter made x

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      Honestly I didn’t think I would be recommending it as much as I am, but the difference it made to my Dad is just outstanding x

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      Definitely worth looking into and seeing if it helps – because I was amazed at the difference it made x

  9. Athena   •  

    Considering how sick I am this week – I could really use this!
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  10. Arxchibaldm   •  

    How long does the filter last until it needs replacing Where can you get replacement filters, and how much do they cost?

  11. kul   •  

    Thanks for nothing- I bought this product on the strrenghh of this review- goes to show you cant trust anything on the web. There are two filters on this device. The important one is the hepa filter – it does have a limited life and does need to be replaced. I cannot find a replacement so the device is useless.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      I’m sorry it wasn’t right for you – I would though perhaps speak to the company who sold it to you if your filter has gone in less than a month as ours is still running fine.

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