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The lovely Makeup-Pixi3 came up with and tagged me in the fantastically festive tag (picture is thanks to her as well) – and if you haven’t noticed my certain love for this day yet where have you been! 
So of course I had to partake! 
Q. What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?
I don’t know if I can just think of one thing, I love being with family, I love getting people’s presents, wrapping them up and stuffing stockings. Seeing a person’s face when they open a gift and love it is amazing, just gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling! I’m always the last to finish opening the gifts as I want to watch everyone else open theirs first.
Q. What’s your favourite makeup look for the festive season?
Mothing – no makeup at all, in the PJs all day with your feet up giving your skin a rest, just letting it all hang out (if that’s the right term lol).
Q. Real tree or fake tree?
As much as I love real trees, we don’t have the space for a real one not even sure where we will put the fake one this year lol – plus needles and paws don’t go very well together. 
Q. Giving presents or receiving presents?
Giving – not that I don’t like opening presents and seeing what I got that’s always great but I love watching others opening the gifts I gave them and seeing their face.
Q. Do you open your presents Christmas morning or evening?
Morning with a nice cup of tea and some Christmas songs on the radio or TV, paper everywhere – normally with a dog found somewhere under it all. 
Q. Handmade Christmas cards or bought?
I love handmade cards they are the best by far, but I admit I have brought cards the past couple of years, I don’t have the ability to craft like I used to – though hopefully one day I will back to that and annoying everyone one with home crafts again! 
Q. What’s your favourite Christmas film?
I love The Santa Clause I mean who wouldn’t like their Dad to suddenly turn into Santa so you can go and live with all the elf’s and play with toys 24/7 – oh yeah I would love to be a kid again and play away the days.
Q. What’s your favourite Christmas food?
An easier question to ask might be what Christmas foods don’t I like – I mean I do love food after all- but just for the fact saying everything might scare most people I have just about narrowed it down to 3:
1. Christmas Cake
2. Mince Pies
3. Christmas Pudding
They are all so AMAZING! *day dreams of yummy Christmas Food*
I hope you enjoyed finding out a little bit more about my Christmas obsession. 
I’m tagging:
Wonderland Beauty
Happy Rebekah 
Dainty Desires
And YOU…
Yup you looking around and wondering if I actually mean you. 
If you do take part I would love it if you would pop back and leave me a link and please remember to credit the lovely Makeup-Pixi3
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