Christmas with Konjac

Christmas with Konjac Sponge

Can you believe it is almost Christmas? This past month and a bit has gone so quickly, honestly I cannot believe we are just days away from Christmas Day. So with that in mind and many of us rushing to pick up some last minute gifts, here is an awesome idea from Konjac Sponge to help you fill up a stocking or two this year.

Konjac Sponge

If you haven’t heard of Konjac Sponges before they are such a simple way to clean you face. All of the Konjac Sponge range are made using 100% natural vegetable fibres, they are naturally exfoliating, naturally deep cleansing and 100% reusable, pH balanced, biodegradable and more.

What is more, in some cases the Konjac Sponge is infused with different ingredients these include; chamomile, French clays and green teas to help with different skin issues. For instance as I suffer from spots my personal favourite is the black Konjac Sponge that has been infused with bamboo charcoal and is particularly good for removing excess oils and toxins, it is even a natural antioxidant which helpsΒ kill the bacteria that causes spots.

Konjac Sponge

You might be wondering, well how do I use a Konjac Sponge? Well the answer is simple, with water. That is all you need, you can use it with a cleanser if you so wish, but it really isn’t needed.

Now don’t be worried if the first time you get your hands on one of these sponges they are rock hard, all you need to do is leave it in warm water for a few minutes and it will re-hydrate into a sponge you will love to use on your face.

I’ve been using a Konjac Sponge on and off for many years now, they are a form of face care I always seem to go back to. After all they are easy to use, good for the environment and surprisingly pocket friendly.

Konjac Sponge

For Christmas, as you can see in the post above, Konjac Sponge have released the perfect stocking filler in the form of these mini Christmas pore refiners in Blitzen – with bamboo charcoal and Rudolph with Red Clay (perfect for dry and damaged skin). As these are smaller than the normal sponges they are perfect for getting into the small areas around your nose and any areas where pores maybe enlarged and they come in at just Β£6.99 in this limited edition festive packaging.

If you fancy checking out the Christmas sponges or of course the rest of the Konjac Sponge range do head over to their website now and perhaps pick up a last minute present or treat for yourself.

Have you ever tried a Konjac Sponge, what do you think of the idea?

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  1. Yaya

    I have never tried the konjac sponge, but would love to! Great stocking stuffer idea. x

  2. Evija

    Sarah, when I read the title I thought it was some sort of an alcoholic cocktail!! πŸ™‚ I think I need to get out more.. I have never tried it myself but it looks amazing. Thank you for sharing it, would definitely love to try it out myself! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. StressedMum

    I have never tried these sponges beforem but do sound really good will be popping over and having a look x

  4. Claire

    Those little Rudolph packs are simply adorable! What a cunning idea!

  5. kara

    Ive tried Konjac Sponges before they are so soft on the skin and smell gorgeous. A great idea as stocking fillers

  6. Leah LS

    I have seen Konjac sponges but I have not really noted what they were for. Thanks for this – I will definitely give them a go πŸ™‚

  7. Deborah Mackenzie

    not seen these before, but love the little Christmas stocking gift ideas…. they are adorable yet useful.

  8. hannah

    I haven’t heard of this before but i’m definately tempted to try it x

  9. Dawn Lopez

    I’ve never tried a Konjac Sponge but I’m willing to check them out. New face cleansers and techniques are always fun to try.

  10. Amy Desrosiers

    These items would make really great stocking stuffers. I love getting beauty items in mine.

  11. valmg @ Mom Knows It All

    I have never heard of or tried these. The texture looks interesting, and I had someone explaining to me their experiences with charcoal recently.

  12. Danielle

    I’ve never even heard of these sponges, but am definitely interested in trying them. Maybe Santa will leave me one in my stocking.

  13. Nicole

    I have never heard of the konjac sponge! My daughter is hitting her teenage years and I think I have to get one for her- I think with her mobility issues, this would be a great way for her to independently keep up with her facial hygiene

  14. Ref J

    I have never tried a Konjac Sponge but they sound interesting. Definitely an item I will be looking into this holiday season.

  15. KatrinaJeanCarter

    Wow! This would be a great stocking stuffer! πŸ™‚ I personally use natural products as well so this is a win. I am interested in trying out the one with the clay. Thanks for sharing!

  16. julie porter

    I have been hearing a lot lately about these konjac sponges Sarah, and after reading this, I think I’m definitely going to give one a try. I too have some issues with spots on my face, so I think I will try the black with charcoal! I love the little Christmas packaged ones though too…I have to head over to the website and see if they ship to the states!

  17. My Teen Guide

    It’s my first time to heard about Konjac sponge, it looks useful and amazing! I will check it out.

  18. Kirsty Woods

    I think it sounds great

  19. Rhian Westbury

    These sound really interesting and probably a good thing to take travelling with you if you only need water. x

  20. ana

    I have spots too so the konjac sponges sound perfect. I love their new stocking filler feature too that is so cute.

  21. Robin Masshole Mommy

    Nope, I have never tried a konjac sponge, but would love to! It sounds wonderful.

  22. Sharon Jackson

    I’ve never tried them but this would be fab to get my daughter as she uses make-up every day & it would help to make sure she unblocks her pores πŸ™‚

  23. Lubka Henry

    Hm.. this sounds really interesting. I’ve never heard of konjac sponge before, but now I’d love to try it!

  24. Stephanie Merry

    I’ve not heard of Konjac Sponge before but they sound great x

  25. Lianne

    I havent heard of these before but it’s definitely something I’d love to try!

  26. Jemma

    I’ve never heard of these types of sponges before. A lovely gift idea.

  27. Jennifer Gilbert

    This would be a really cute stocking stuffer! Love that it’s made from natural vegetable fibers!

  28. caroline tokes

    Love this idea – your blog is fab with ideas

  29. Terri Beavers

    This is such a great idea for a Christmas gift for self and others. I use the knojac sponge and love it, I’d like to check out some of their other products as well.

  30. Nikki

    Those are so neat! I’ve never tried them out, but I love finding new face and beauty products. I read recently that sponges like this are way better for your face and skin than those bath poof things.

  31. Melanie Edjourian

    These sponges sound different and very interesting. How cute are those Rudolph’s Noses!

  32. Rachel

    I love the Christmas theme, the Rudolf one is just brilliant, I love it x

  33. Jodie

    Never heard of them. They sound great though. I currently wash face with muslin cloth. I notice a real difference from that instead of cotton wool. I think the same will be said for this! X

  34. melissa major

    Not tried a konjac sponge before but they sound great, tempted to get one

  35. Melanie Smith

    I’ve never heard about this Konjac Sponge before. But it looks great, I need to try it!

  36. Tee simpson

    They sound great. Love the name

  37. Baby Isabella

    Awwww these Konjac Sponges look so cute! Wish I’d seen them earlier to add into my stockings -maybe next year πŸ™‚

  38. Amy Jones

    I love sponges so much! I would love to try the Rudolph’s nose one, it’s so cute!

  39. Karlyn Cruz

    I might just pick it up for myself. I love the fact that I didn’t know what it was until I realized that I’ve always been needing it for home.

  40. Elizabeth O.

    I don’t think I’ve tried using a konjac sponge before. It does sound amazing on your skin! I’d love to give it a try. It would also make a nice stocking stuffer for girls!

  41. Bill S

    This sounds like a great sponge!! I have never heard of these before.

  42. Afshan Nasim

    I hadn’t even heard of the Konjac Sponge before and they sound good. At 6.99, they are quite the bargain too. I love the festive ones.

  43. emma white

    I actually have one like this sat in its packaging never even opened so I am going to have to open it and give it a try after reading this

  44. hey sharonoox

    I’ve never heard of this brand before but it does look so cute especially the one with reindeer. Love that it’s natural. Happy holiday to you!

  45. Lisa Lambert (mumdadplus4)

    Never heard of these but they look fab I think my kids would love the Christmas themed ones

  46. Dana Vento

    I really like this konjac sponge! It sounds refreshing and perfect for exfoliating your face. It’s definitely a must try and it would make a nice stocking stuffer.

  47. Jen

    Haven’t tried this one yet. But I think this would really make a very nice addition to the stockings.

  48. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I haven’t heard of this until now. It does seem like a good thing to have, considering you only need the sponge and water to clean your face!

  49. TColeman

    I have tried one of these sponges before and they are amazing. I would love to receive one as part of a gift.

  50. Misty Dawn Nelson

    I haven’t heard of this before and I love sponges I wanted to have this so interesting for me.

  51. Ayesha Farhad

    Love the idea of them being recycled! It makes such a huge difference! Haven’t heard of these sponges before but I am tempted to buy one!

  52. kira c

    I’ve heard such good thing about konjac sponges but never actually tried one! Quite a good price and I love the festive packaging!

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