Christmas Games and Stocking Fillers.

As a child we always used to crack open a game or two around Christmas, it would normally be a new one we had taken time out the previous weeks to traipse around the shop looking for, of course these days it’s much easier to look for games, with shopping on the internet almost more common than heading down the high street it’s easy to click onto an on-line shop such as Winning Moves and check out their selection of 100s of games all in one web space. 
Top Trumps.

Top Trumps Baby Animals and Merlin

I have to admit although I’ve heard of Top Trump it isn’t a game I have played in the past, and hey what two better sets for me try it out with then Merlin (one of my favourite programmes) and cute baby animals (who doesn’t love those).
It’s a simple game, cards a dealt between all the players and the first player ‘chooses’ a category the player with the ‘best’ score for that category wins all the cards in that round – the winner is the player who obtains the whole pack.
I have to say 1/2 the fun is looking at all the pictures – especially with the baby animals they are oh so cute, and with the Merlin cards we spent ages trying to remember which episode the character was from, it’s a really simple game that young and old can get involved in.
There is such a huge range of cards to choose from and with them starting at just £2.99 for a pack you could make sure everyone had a pack of their own.


This is another game I had seen around but as you probably know as reader of my blog my spelling isn’t the best so like scrabble I’ve stayed clear but I have to admit I’ve had quite a bit of fun with this – I wouldn’t play with anyone who didn’t know me, and how I get about my spelling but with close family and friends I’ve been really enjoying it – dictionary at my side and sticking to smaller words has worked well.
I can actually see how it can be a really fun yet educational game, it gets you thinking, spelling and learning all in one go. 
You can grab Bananagrams in a range of languages meaning you could even use it as a tool when you or your child is trying to learn another language – the English set costs £14.99.
What are your favourite games to whip out at Christmas?
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