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Christmas from Calumet

If you’re a blogger, then taking photos becomes something you need to get used to doing. Now I am no professional photographer, however, it is something I have always enjoyed as it has been a hobby of my Dad’s and I used to love having a go with his “big camera” when I was young. While as I’ve got older blogging has allowed me to at least get a little better, when it comes to using a camera.

When it comes to accessories for your camera there is a whole world of things you can buy and if you’re looking to buy for a blogger who like to play with their camera, or someone who is a little more advanced, then here are some ideas from Calumet.

Calumet 7100 Tripod with Three-way Quick Release Head

Calumet 7100 Tripod with Three-way Quick Release Head

As I sit here writing this I realise I forgot to put the tripod together properly for the photos. I have Christmas brain. Bar my inability to put together a tripod for a photo, they are perhaps one of my favourite tools to have when it comes to taking blog photos.

This is in part because I suffer with very bad shakes and trying to take some photos without a tripod to hold my camera still, ends up with just a blurry mess.

Calumet 7100 Tripod with Three-way Quick Release Head

The Calumet 7100 Tripod is really easy to assemble and is adjustable to a height of 57.75″ and has a three way pan/tilt head. I’ve found that no matter what I am doing this tripod has felt sturdy and secure and the tilting head has allowed me to get some really interesting angles on photographs.

Made for travelling and usable with a digital or 35mm SLR camera this tripod comes in at £55.

Calumet Small Tripod Bag

Calumet Small Tripod Bag

Every good tripod of course needs a good carry case, especially when it so good for taking out and about with you. This Calumet Small Tripod Bag, is just the ticket for carrying the Calumet 7100 Tripod and includes a large padded space for the tripod and a smaller pocket to the front, while carrying this case is easy thanks to shoulder and hand straps.

What’s more it costs just £19.

Calumet Medium Protective Wrap Plus 14 x 14″

Calumet Optical Glass Cleaning Kit

I have to admit I’ve not come across these protective wraps before, but they are such a great idea. They can be used as extra padding for anything that is fragile. For instance I have wrapped up an extra lens in this one, just to keep it that little bit more safe.

If you think this case might be just the ticket, to keep some precious photography items safe, then you may be thrilled to know it comes in at just £17 and can be brought in different sizes.

Calumet Optical Glass Cleaning Kit

Calumet Medium Protective Wrap Plus 14 x 14"

Made using a three-step liquid polymer-based formula, this kit lifts and dissolves surface contaminates and fingerprints and gives long lasting anti-static protection. What’s more, it isn’t just useful for cameras, oh no this little kit can be used on LCD screen, computer monitors, DVDs and CDs to name just a few things.

This useful set costs £12 and fits neatly into the pocket of the tripod case for safe keeping.

So there you have a few idea from the Christmas selection at Calumet, what do you think of them, is there anything you would like to find under your tree come Sunday?

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  1. Candy

    Always nice to hear an honest opinion about products. I am in the market for tripod and other photo items.

  2. Rhian Westbury

    I need to get a new tripod, something which folds up pretty small so it’s easier to carry x

  3. Chrissy

    Wow this is perfect for taking pictures with the Family and the kids. I’ll be looking into one of these!

  4. Robin Masshole Mommy

    That tripod is nice. I have been wanting to get one like that for a while now.

  5. Vera

    My husband is a huge fan of photography. He has a couple of cameras and a whole bunch of stuff I don’t even understand. I think I may have to give him a gift certificate here because I think he would enjoy buying something from them.

  6. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    I’d actually love to find all of these under the tree. I desperately need a new tripod. Like, SUPER bad.

  7. Stephanie Jeannot

    That is such a great stand. Looks like it is easy to carry, especially with that carry case. I need one of those for my camera. Awesome gift for the camera person in your life.

  8. Bill S

    What a great looking tripod. This would be great for taking pictures this year, and great cleaning kit as well.

  9. Fiona Maclean

    Calumet does have excellent products! I really need to get used to using a tripod!

  10. Pam Wattenbarger

    I could definitely use all of these products. I have actually been meaning to get a tripod. I think it would improve my pictures.

  11. Mellissa Williams

    My husband needs to buy a tripod for his camera so I am going to show him this. That’s a decent price too for a good quality tripod.

  12. Rachel

    OOh now we were only talking about Tripods today and this looks just fantastic. I need a new one as mine has a bent leg oops x

  13. Angelic Sinova

    That Calumet 7100 Tripod with Three-way Quick Release Head would definitely come in handy when I’m trying to get certain shots! I’ll definitely have to look into getting that.

  14. Crystal Lopez

    I can totally relate with keeping the camera steady. I could use one of these in a heartbeat!

  15. Amy

    I’m hoping to get a camera for Christmas so I’ll keep this in mind! I really want to improve my photography this year 🙂 ox

  16. Jennifer

    This looks like such an awesome little tripod! What is higher on my wishlist however is a new camera.

  17. Chelley @ A is For Adelaide

    I love that tripod! I have a really great one… I actually think it is a Calumet! So sturdy!

  18. Claudia Krusch

    I would love to find the Calumet 7100 Tripod under the tree for Christmas. I have been trying to improve my blog photos. This would be really helpful.

  19. Ann Bacciaglia

    I have been looking for a tripod for my new camera. The Calumet 7100 Tripod is a perfect choice. I will have to add it to my wish list.

  20. Stephanie Pass

    That looks like a sturdy tripod. I have an old hand me down from my dad, but I’d love to get a new one.

  21. Kathy

    I love having a tripod. It’s so nice to be able to take photos with it. I love using it for holiday photos of my family too. It’s a must have with a nice camera.

  22. mommyblogexpert

    I really need to get one of those. Calumet’s tripod looks like it would be great for me to use since I take 1000s of pix every year as a lifestyle blogger.

  23. Rebecca Swenor

    These are great gift ideas for a blogger or someone doing photography. We have a close family friend that does photography on the side so I will have to check out these items on Calumet. Thanks for sharing the gift ideas.

  24. Wendy Polisi

    I really need the tripod this week! I’m going to make a new vlog to my youtube channel.

  25. Jazmin Williams

    Definitely in need of a new tripod, this review is fab! May have to get one.

  26. Crystal

    That tripod looks fantastic and would come in very handy. Great review.

  27. Jeanine

    Looks like a really great and sturdy stand! I just bought a new tripod recently and I need a few other things for my camera, this looks great!

  28. Melissa @ the Staten Island Family

    This is the tripod I’ve been waiting for! Sending this to my husband now! He owes me an anniversary and a Chanukah gift!

  29. Sabeeka

    A nice review especially for someone like me who is not into the professional photography thing 🙂

  30. ricci

    I just ordered a new tripod today! I can’t wait to get it and start playing with it!!

  31. Reesa Lewandowski

    I would love one of these tripods!!! I need one!

  32. rika

    Thanks for sharing these suggestions! I am on the market for a good tripod.

  33. Chubskulit Rose

    Love this! I just started using my tripod this month. I thought I lost it but finally found it during our move.

  34. Dawn Gibson-Thigpen

    i just got a mini tripod a few months ago and was so happy. it was actually a surprise. all the attendees at an event received on and i was so happy because i had by dying for one like this. this one you have looks very sturdy and nice.

  35. Mimi Green

    Great suggestions. I’m in the market for a new tripod. The one I had was cheap, no surprise that it broke.

  36. Brianne

    I so need to get a tripod! I’ve got to check this one out!

  37. Milli Grace

    I definitely need a good portable tripod for blogging – great recommendations

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