Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016 Gift Guide #3

So I am hoping I am suffering from my winter bout of awfulness right now, (better to get it over with right) as I have this awful virus going around that seems to not only gives you the normal symptoms but also make your breathing go a bit funny. So I am spending most of my time curled up under a blanket hiding from the world.

Of course I had to try and get part three of my gift guide up and out to you all so here it is in all it’s glory (and hopefully making sense).

Hugo Boss Wallet Gift Set.


This is one of Ash’s picks for this year’s Christmas gift guide, I actually originally thought he would want a watch as he does like collection time pieces, but he quite rightly pointed out his wallet is looking a little worse for wear and it could really do with being replaced. So we had to add this beautiful Hugo Boss Wallet Gift Set to the line-up.

This is a two piece gift set, which includes a leather wallet and card holder, both featuring a metal embossed Hugo Boss logo tag to the bottom corner.

The outside of both the wallet and card holder have this lovely textured diagonal design to the outside, while the inside of the wallet and the back of the card holder, you will find a soft smooth leather.


When it comes to the wallet you are looking at it having, two large pockets for notes and receipts to the top, four card spaces to each of the inner sides, which have a slide space behind them, meaning there is plenty of room, to hold all your important bits and pieces. Moving onto the card holder this has two pockets to the front and two to the back and personally I think the flat design makes it perfect to pop in a back pocket if you are quickly popping to the shop.

We both felt this made for a lovely gift set, especially for anyone who is in need of a new wallet or perhaps is just hard to buy for (after all it is a useful gift). Ash personally said he would have been thrilled to have found it under the tree this year (perhaps I need to take it back and wrap it up).

This gift set can be brought now from Mainline Menswear and costs £139.

Envirotrend Items.

Envirotrend Splashittome

Sometimes the presents you remember the longest are the ones you use most often and this set of easy to store and take with you items, might be just the perfect present to give to many people this December.

When the 5p bag charge came in many of us took to buying reusable bags, however if you are anything like me they spend most of the time forgotten in the boot of my car. However, I recently came across Envirotrend who offer a whole host of different bags, that are perfect for popping in your handbag, or even attaching to your keys, as they squash up really small.

For instance let’s start with the SAKitToMe Bottlebrush Bag – £6.

SAKitToMe Bottlebrush Bag

The SAKitToMe design bags are the smallest of the range and come in a whole host of colours and designs. Made of a durable material, they are just perfect for popping into your handbag and even comes with a clip allowing you to attach it your keyring, so you will always know where your reusable bag is.

For me this is the perfect shopping companion and as I return it to my handbag after each use, I find I always have at least one bag on me when I get to the shops.

PAKitToMe Red Rucksack

Next up is the PAKitToMe Red Rucksack; I thought this was such a clever idea. The rucksack folds into the front pocket, again meaning it isn’t actually that big to carry around. So for anyone who would much rather carry items on their back, than in their hands, this is the perfect way to have a rucksack on you, without having to carry an often bulky and heavy one around on your back in preparation.

The PAKitToMe comes in a whole choice of colours and has a very reasonable price of just £12.

Last up we have SPLASHitToMe.

SPLASHitToMe Yellow Raincoat

As you might have guessed this is a raincoat that folds up into one of it’s pockets, this means that once again it is easy to carry with you what could be an essential item, without it weighing you down or taking up much room..

The SPLASHitToMe comes in a choice of colours and sizes. I have to admit I did find this one a bit harder than the others to repack, so don’t expect to repack it in seconds like the others, instead allow yourself a few minutes to fully fold it back up.

When it comes to sizing they offer for kids sizes 4 – 10, a XS – S work well for 12 – 16 year olds and for adults there is the XS – XL, with a full sizing chart being avalible to help you find the perfect size.

At the time of writing this all the raincoats are on offer, including the SPLASHitToMe Yellow Raincoat for £19.99.

Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer.

Crabbies Ginger Beer

Many people like a tipple over Christmas and if you fancy adding something just a little bit different, to someones stocking this year, how about a bottle of Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer.

There are a couple of different versions off Crabbie’s available such as a raspberry version, but of course the most well-known is the original. This contains steeped ginger, which along with its mix of incredible ingredients, has been matured for six weeks, to help give it, its distinctive, delicious flavour.

As long term readers know I don’t drink alcohol at all, so this went to my parents to try, my Dad thought this was perfect just as it is, with its rich flavour. However, my Mum liked it as a shandy so perhaps, finding the flavour a little too strong for her, but hey there is nothing wrong with that now is there.

Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer costs from £1.49 and can be brought from all major supermarkets.

Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler Gift Set.

Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler Gift Set

Hair, it often grows where you don’t want it to and doesn’t where you do. For those places where you could really do without it, this great little device is the perfect accessory. In fact the Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler, is a must have item for anyone who suffers with unwanted hair growth.

The styler is specifically made to work on facial hair, arm hair and your bikini line, offering a choice of different heads to make each job as easily as possible.

This gift set includes all the usual accessories for the styler which are: 1x 2-sided precision head, 1x bikini head, 2x comb attachments, 1x styling cap, 1x cleaning brush, 1x beauty pouch as well as a HD brows pencil to help you get your brows looking as perfect as possible.

Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler Gift Set (

I have personally used the Veet styler more than I thought I would since it has arrived, proving itself to me as one of those little gems you didn’t know you needed until you had it. Though I have to admit I haven’t quite got down using it for my brows yet (I’m sure I will get my head around it in time though).

Of course when you get your brows looking perfectly shaped, you may want to just add that little boost to them and this giftset includes a brow pencils from HD (in brown).

The Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler Gift Set costs £39.99 and can be brought from Ocado.

Elizabeth Grant Body and Fragrance 7 Piece Collection.

Elizabeth Grant Body and Fragrance 7 Piece Collection

Back in September I reviewed Hydra Cell Active by Elizabeth Grant, however her range is so big and so I am really pleased to be able to bring you a bit of a glimpse at some more of her items in the form of this 7 piece gift collection perfect for Christmas.

Coming in at an impressive £19.99 this gift set includes:

Elizabeth Grant Body and Fragrance 7 Piece Collection

From the Elizabeth Grant Vanilla range a thick creamy body lotion, which is quickly absorbed into the skin, yet leaves the skin feeling moisturised all day long. A uxorious bath and shower gel, that lathers wonderfully and rinses of simply and to finish off the trio a bottle of vanilla perfume.

One of the great things about having a trio of the same scented product means you can layer them on your skin, which will off up a deeper, longer lasting scent that using just one on its own.

Elizabeth Grant Body and Fragrance 7 Piece Collection

Elizabeth Grant Body and Fragrance 7 Piece Collection

Once again you are looking at a trio of products this time however it is from the Graceful Angel range. This is a youthful fragrance that has a powdery floral heart, met by oriental outer tones and is perhaps my favourite fragrance of the bundle, with what is almost a candy like fragrance to it.

You are of course once again getting a trio of products so you are able to layer this fragrance, which is most definitely one of my favourite things to do with it.

Elizabeth Grant Body and Fragrance 7 Piece Collection

Last up is the Heavenly EDT this contains a top of citrus, ginger and green leaves, bottom of powder, musk, wood, amber, patchouli, moss and rosewood all brought together with a heart of spice, freesia, rose, lily, chamomile and jasmine. Which while it sounds like it would be a rather overwhelming fragrance, it actually isn’t, offering quite a soft sweet fragrance that is really interesting.

Overall I think the Elizabeth Grant Body and Fragrance 7 Piece Collection, is a great collection, no matter if you are using it to introduce your friends to Elizabeth Grant and gifting it as a set, or if you buy it to separate between a number of friends, I am sure the recipients will be thrilled.

Ultra HD 4K TV.

Of course Christmas doesn’t have to be all about the giving to others, as a family we are often curled up in the lounge playing games or watching the TV. So if your TV is looking a little tired and could perhaps do with an upgrade how about treating you all to a new Ultra HD 4K TV Panasonic. This amazing TV has been designed to offer the best picture it can, taking you as close to the original vision of the director as possible. Meaning all those Christmas movies and TV shows are going to look better than they ever have in your home this Christmas if you go for something like this.

So there you have another round up of gift ideas, what do you think of the items included here, do any of them catch your eye? 

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  1. Alli Smith

    The Splash It To Me Raincoat is my favorite! I love how it folds up so small and can be kept in my purse or the glove compartment of my car. All of these gift ideas are great!

  2. LaaLaa

    What a guide, I like that wallet, most times everyone needs a new wallet either now or lying in wait cos they get tattered so quickly x

  3. candy

    Wonder guide, hubby could use a new wallet now that you mention it. I know several friends who would like the reusable bags and the younger females always go for the perfume and gifts sets like that.

  4. Angelic Sinova

    What an awesome gift guide! That Elizabeth Grant Body and Fragrance 7 Piece Collection sounds like a lovely gift idea and the price is so amazing!

  5. Paula Schuck

    You know what I love about this guide the most? The variety. I mean, you really gave us a nice cross section of gift giving ideas here.

  6. Jimmy and Tina

    Great gift idea’s for men and women. I like the veet and might get for myself 🙂 Also the bottle brush bag is nice, especially in the UK where you have to have your own carrier bags when you buy something so you could easily fold up put in your handbag and its there when you need it.

  7. Chrishelle Ebner

    I think my husband definitely needs the Hugo Boss wallet. He would also enjoy the ginger beer. My girls would love the Veet gift pack. Great gift giving ideas.

  8. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    These are all great picks. I love the skin care products. I think that will be a Christmas present for myself!

  9. Jen Rattie

    I love that Hugo Boss wallet. My husband’s wallet currently looks like our dog used it as a chew toy, so I think he’ll need this for Christmas.

  10. Eloise

    great gift guide, I better get started on the Xmas shopping (esp with black friday!) I’m going to do this now… thanks!

  11. Jeanette

    So many good selections here! I need to go Christmas shopping in this list actually really helps out a lot.

  12. Miracle Max

    Sorry to hear you’ve been poorly. I love that Hugo Boss wallet, so would my husband. Jo x

  13. Fiona

    What a great selection of products! I particularly like the fold-up rucksack and I’m sure my friend would appreciate the wallet.

  14. Mummy Times Two

    Some fantastic looking products there. I think my Other Half would really love that wallet.

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    I love seeing other people’s gift guides! THis is a great list of products to buy! That fragrance sounds amazing. I think I would like that for sure!

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    Wonderful gift guide! I am all about reusable bags, but I’d love any of the beauty sets as well.

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    Okay. If you’d like to, you can send me a box of Ginger beer for my home for Christmas. I’ll take that, the cute bag and the beauty set.

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    This is an awesome gift guide! I love all these stuff you have here! Great picks!

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    This is a great gift guide!! I could use that beer right about now…LOL!!

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    I bought my mister a Hugo Boss wallet a few years ago and it is such good quality and even now it is in good condition x

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    Hope you are feeling better soon
    The dreaded lurgy is terrible
    Lots of food for thought here
    Love mainline mens wear

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    I love all of these gift ideas. I wouldn’t getting any of these for Christmas this year. =)

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    I would love to try the Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer. Thanks for the great gift guide. You gave me a few ideas.

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    I love giving gifts that encourage self care and allow the receiver to relax or indulge and you don’t have to break the bank.

  34. Hey Sharonoox

    This is a lovely give idea! My hubs just bought a new 4K TV on Black Friday. We’ve been enjoying watching on a sharper resolution TV. My favorite is the HD brow pencil by Vi-Tech. Always love a good brow pencils.

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    GREAT gift ideas! I’ve started writing my gift guides as well. They are so helpful this time of year 😉

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