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Chest of Draws One of the good things about looking to move means you get to dream of your perfect home – and the things you would furnish it with, I remember when I moved into this flat, I had hardly any money and I took a trip down to a local charity who helped people moving in I got hold of the most gorgeous Dutch dresser which is still one of my favourite pieces of furniture. But if money were no object I think I would add some of these chests of drawers to my love list.

1. Willis Gambier Camille 8-drawer Chest £850 This solid oak chest is divine I could imagine using this for all my bits and pieces you know the stuff your other half calls ‘junk’ but is actually really important – writing paper, stickers, pens, notebooks they would fit amazingly in the top draws – at least in my imagination.

2. John Lewis Maharani 5 Drawer Chest £399 Got a corner you can’t quite fill then how about this tall set of five drawers; based on Indian designs and hand finished these gorgeous draws to me look like they could be worth a whole lot more than the price tag.

3. little home at John Lewis Amelia 4-drawer Chest £699 Ok so this chest of drawers is made for a kids room, to help make your princess feel just like a princess, but I have to admit when I started looking for some these are the first ones that jumped out at me, maybe sometimes I do have a little bit of girly girl inside me. Just don’t tell anyone please.

4. John Lewis Sophia 7-drawer Chest, Ivory £750 This is based on furniture from French Louis XV style, I have to admit I think curves often draw me in rather than straight edges, the soft, smooth lines seem to fit more with my taste, straight edges can be a little to clinical. I would love this piece for in my bedroom I have to say.

5. Pierre 3 Drawer Small Chest £350 I love how different this chest looks I could see it making a nice bedside table one each side, although previously I said I didn’t like straight lines this one wins me over just because it’s not your everyday look and that as always is a way to my heart.

6. Leonhard Pfeifer for John Lewis Abbeywood Cabinet £599 Last but not least this number – I can’t decide if I like this one or not, but I had to include it because of the colours, I can see this draw / cupboard mix being right up some peoples streets – definitely a Marmite of the chest of draws world.

Check out more chest of drawers here.
What would you perfect set of drawers look like, are any of these close?

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    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      Yay glad it’s not just me with that one – I think I could only love it more if it had that shabby chic look hehe xx

  1. Kay   •  

    Mine would be a beat up old Victorian stripped pine number from a reclamation yard. I am lucky that I own several lovely pieces which I have collected over the years – and they really do get better with age!
    Kay would love you to check out…January through the eyes of a bookwormMy Profile

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      I have to agree – I actually surprised my parents with my love of old furniture they thought I would be a modern girl lol x

  2. Ady   •  

    OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE the heart dresser!!!!

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      It’s beautiful isn’t it – it’s a whole range so there’s different pieces as well that match :) X

  3. cathy henatyszen   •  

    I really like this one here… nice info thanks…

    John Lewis Maharani 5 Drawer Chest

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      Your welcome – lovely to see what different people like – glad I picked some that all different people like x

  4. I absolutely love No. 6!

    It looks so organized to me!
    Believe it or not, I’m an organization freak!
    Everything has a place, and everything has to be in it’s place.

    Although I adore the heart dresser too.
    I love reading roundups like this!
    Keep up the good work!

    Sarah @ All Things Blogs would love you to check out…My blog..My Profile

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      I’m good at organising things for other people but not for myself – I have an unorderly order lol.

      So glad you like it – thank you so much for stopping by and commenting it means a lot :)
      Sarah x

  5. Beeta   •  

    Not sure if my previous comment worked but just wanted to say that I stumbled across your blog this evening and have been enjoying reading your posts :)
    Beeta would love you to check out…February ResolutionsMy Profile

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author


      Aww thank you so much :) I’m going to pop on back to you and have a nose now as well. It means a lot having feedback such as that.

      Your other comment got caught in my naughty spam filter I have now freed it though. And I have to say I didn’t realise it was kids till I looked at it more, I think it’s just perfect for an adult lol.


  6. Dee   •  

    I like no 3, it would look lovely in my Daughters bedroom. Shes a real girlie girl and loves hearts, flowers, fairy lights and anything girlie.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      Ohh I can imagine it all lit up with fairy lights and maybe some shabby chic hearts on the top – would look amazing! xx

  7. Paul Piche   •  

    I think no. 1 is my favorite one between your choices, but I’d rather find an old drawer, strip all the paint and make it over myself 😛 must feel very rewarding in the end, especially if the result is good.
    Paul Piche would love you to check out…SUPER DÉCAPANT – L’ORIGINALMy Profile

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      I wish I had the space to do something like that, the pictures I’ve seen of people doing that are amazing! x

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