1. Rosey   •  

    It’s a nice review. And it sounds like a great product too. I like that the mint is subtle.
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  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy)   •  

    I’ve never heard of it, but I am always paranoid about my breath, so I would love to give it a try!

  3. Theresa   •  

    I haven’t heard of this, but I agree with you on the alcohol of other mouth washes burning. I like a non alcohol mouthwash. This one sounds refreshing!
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  4. Lisa Ladrido   •  

    I am going to have to check this out! I worry about my breath all the time! Thank you.

  5. Veronica   •  

    This has to be a new one. Never heard of it. Great review

  6. Kimber   •  

    What a neat little product! I always like something that works a bit better. I will have to check it out.

  7. Joanna Sormunen   •  

    It sounds really good. But like you say, the price is just too much for a mouthwash.
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  8. Pam W   •  

    I’m always wary of mouthwash because too many are so strong. I think I would like to give this one a try.

  9. Jennifer   •  

    Wow on the price. I love the idea of it dispensing the right amount. I have a teenager that always pours a cap full and then uses what he needs pouring the rest down the drain – drives me crazy.
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  10. amanda   •  

    This appears to be a good design so that you don’t have waste. And since mouthwash can be expensive, that is important.

  11. Ashley Gill   •  

    I’ve not tried this product but I need a new mouthwash. I hate the one I’m using. Thanks for the review. I will have to check it out!
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  12. Vicky   •  

    I have heard of this product and thought it would be great to try. Many have wondered what makes our breath pong in the morning when we brushed our teeth the night before – it’s the bacteria, not what you eat. It is a little pricey for my liking though – I’d rather just brush more often lol. Great if you’re in a new relationship though, and paranoid about morning breath :-)
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  13. Great review, I just love mouthwash as it gives you that clean feeling. It’s great that the mint isn’t too strong
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  14. Sarah Cooper   •  

    Looks a more sensitive alternative to conventional mouthwash.

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