Breo Grafik Watch: Review and Giveaway

breo Grafik

Summer can often mean spending hours relaxing, hopefully for some, on a sun soaked beach, while others just manage to capture a few hours at the local park or in their own back garden. Sometimes though when you are enjoying yourself time can just so easily pass away, so of course to keep on top of everything; it’s a good time to get yourself a brand new watch.

Breo are a brand I have featured before on the blog, they are a design focused company, which are innovative in design and strive to produce inspiring and alternative accessories for everyday use, born in the UK.

Breo Grafik Watch – Pink Butterfly.

breo Grafik

This beautiful watch features a soft touch rubber covering and strap, which fits beautifully around your wrist, allowing for movement. The watch itself is water resistant to 3ATM and of course comes to Breo’s 12 month warranty.

The Grafik watch arrived both boxed and inside a draw string Breo bag, which I personally think might be perfect for keeping in your beach bag this summer in case you fancy having a dip in the sea and you don’t want to take your watch in with you.

breo Grafik

To me this is such a well thought out watch, from the soft strap, to the fact that you can lock the end of the strap into place to keep it from flapping around. The face is large at around 40mm x 40mm but with the design it really has to be.

If you are one for having numbers on your watch, then you aren’t going to be a fan of this one as it offers no numbers at all. However it does have a second, minute and hour hand allowing you to really keep on top of the time.

I’ve found the Grafik to offer a comfortable watch that surprised me by not being as uncomfortable to wear as I thought it would be in the hot weather we have been having lately.

breo Grafik

Breo have released 6 different limited edition Grafik watches from the subtle drawings to bold geometric designs, each of which costs £30.

However for one of you I have the chance for you to win a Breo Grafi in mono cherub. This watch is exactly the same the one I reviewed just comes in a different colour and design.

breo Grafik

To be in with a chance of winning all you need to do is pop over to the Breo website and let me know:
What item they make do you love best?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!

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    I like the Grafik in Classic Olive Spiro

  2. D Schmidt

    Visited the site and I really like the DOWNHILL ICE sunglasses

  3. lesley

    i love the uptones in pink

  4. Gill

    I love the two tone ice sunglasses

  5. Diane @ Vintage Zest

    I like the Resident sunglasses!

  6. Ashleigh Allan

    I love the Sundown Tortoiseshell Mirror Purple/Red

  7. Sarah Bear =]

    Classic Mono Cherub!!

  8. Jayne Townson

    I really like the overtone mint watch. Thanks for the lovely giveaway x

  9. Alison Wakefield

    Love these ones Tortoiseshell Mirror Purple/Red

  10. Zoe G

    I like the Pink Betty Sunglasses

  11. Denise

    I am just adoring the Breo Grafi Pink Butterfly watch, just beautiful

  12. Rich Tyler


  13. Kelly glen

    Sundown sunglasses

  14. Fiona K

    I love the Sundown Tortoiseshell glasses

  15. Elaine Flockhart

    I love the Bag Buddy, what a great idea!

  16. S Edwards

    Mirror Chalk/Orange glasses

  17. winnie

    I like the TWILIGHT CURVE

  18. Rachael Jess

    I like the overtone watches 😀

  19. Justine Hughes

    Love the purple Overtone

  20. Rena Plumridge

    I love this watch

  21. Marycarol

    Love the Twilight Venture in Black/Silver

  22. laura banks

    the fusion watches

  23. Gemma Judson

    Love the Pink Betty Sunnies- my nan’s name too 🙂

  24. Carolynn Woodland

    I like the Grafik Watches in pink or purple

  25. John Taggart

    The Lustre watch in blue looks very stylish

  26. Heather T

    Twilight Curve Black/Gold

  27. Pam Hubbard

    love the two tone sunglasses

  28. Lorraine Tinsley

    I love the Breo Bundle #2 consists of a pair of pink Betty sunglasses and a nude Roam slim watch. They coordinate really well

  29. Liam Bishop

    Downhill Ice sunglasses are very summery!

  30. Renee Armstrong

    Overtone Watch in purple

  31. pete c

    the Downhill Ice sunglasses

  32. Paula Barker

    I really like the BAG BUDDY watch, what a brilliant idea

  33. Martha Smith

    I love the watches, they have many fantastic ones, I particularly love the twilight curve in silver or gold, lovely to wear at night

  34. Andrew Scott

    Love the simple elegant design of these watches.

  35. K. Alman

    Love the Grafik watches best – Classic Teal Rose is my fav.

  36. Chris Davies

    Different and stylish

  37. J Beale

    Love the Lustre Watches

  38. Sue McCarthy

    Twilight Venture

  39. Neil Dobson

    The classic in blue

  40. jennifer thorpe

    I love the twilight venture

  41. John Jones

    Breo Edge sunglasses

  42. laura stewart

    VOX pink sunglasses

  43. kaizen99

    Breo Edge sunglasses look great

  44. Rachel Craig

    Polygon black watch. As looks like luminous, which means can see / tell the time in the dark.

  45. Kevin Honey

    I like the Block (in Orange)

  46. tracey bowden

    lustre watch in mint’/silver

  47. Michael McHugh

    Link Medium

  48. Richard Randall

    The Mirror Chalk/Orange sun glasses.

  49. Marion

    I love the Uptones Sunglasses in Black

  50. anne murray

    Love the Fusion watches.

  51. Michael Cross

    The Overtone watch would save me getting my phone out of my pocket. Not easy when someone asks you for the time.

  52. Bhavesh Mistry

    I love the Grafik in Classic Olive Spiro

  53. Angie Hoggett

    love the Twilight classic

  54. samantha price

    Bundle #4 ICE Sunglasses / Fusion

  55. Leigh

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  56. Zena's Suitcase

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  57. john hatrey

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  58. Hekna

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  59. Ben Thompson

    Tortoiseshell/Purple sunglasses

  60. Abigail Cullen

    Scope sunglasses

  61. Fiona Timms

    the Grafik watch in teal rose


    the two tone mirror sunglasses

  63. suzzee langton

    two tone mirror glasses

  64. Claudia Dance

    Twilight Curve watch in black/silver

  65. Jane English

    I love the sundown tortoiseshell mirror in purple & red. Perfect for this lovely weather we are having. x



  67. Andrea Williams

    I like the Flight sunglasses x

  68. judy kennedy

    The overtone watch is rather lovely

  69. Michelle Ferguson

    I like the blue polygon watch

  70. KATHY D

    I love the bag buddy

  71. Nikki Hunter

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  72. Maggie Coates

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    i love the lustre watch

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  85. Helen G

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  86. Susan H

    Two Tone Mirror Charcoal/Red look good

  87. Rebecca U

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  88. @goriami

    I love the twilight classic watch!

  89. claire toplis

    I like the butterfly one in the picture

  90. jayne hall

    two tone ice sunglasses

  91. Corinne Peat

    I Like the zen watch

  92. Victoria N

    The breo edge sunglasses are lovely

  93. Amy Ripley

    I love the purple overtone!

  94. anna


  95. Sandra M

    Love the Red Vox Sunglasses

  96. melanie stirling

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  98. tony allan

    The Lustre watch

  99. Julie Davies

    love the Downhill Ice Sunglasses

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    The TWILIGHT CURVE watch

  101. Angela Wilcox

    I like the classic grafik watch in teal rose

  102. Hayley Kinnaird

    I love the Betty sunglasses 🙂

  103. Anne Wallwin

    the scope sunglasses in black look great and are a really good price too.

  104. justine meyer

    Grafik in Classic Olive Spiro

  105. Sharon Powell

    My kids would love the two tone mirror glasses 😉

  106. Lorraine Polley

    i love the polygon watch in pink, just love the colour

  107. Phil Jenkins

    Nice watch, xx

  108. Susan Kempson

    Beautiful watch x

  109. lynn Heath

    I love the Flow sunglasses!!!

  110. Carroll Marsh

    I Love the Graffik Classic Mono Cherub!I adore cherubs and have about 40 of them all over the house!!So this is my Favourite!Lovely giveaway thanks angel X

  111. Zoe Roxby

    The black and lime fusion watch

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    purple polygon watch – right up my street

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    Not just saying this because it’s the prize on offer but the Grafik really is the prettiest watch! Xx

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    The Overtone Watches

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    Small link watch any colour

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    Bundle #2 Scope Sunglasses / Roam Slim

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