Argan Beauty at Aldi

Argan Beauty from Aldi: Review

Over the years I’ve heard a bit about the cosmetics available at Aldi, but to be honest with you I have never tried them, I mean could they really stand up to the high street at such a low price? Well I was sent some a while back and it gave me the chance to really try it and put a sceptical eye (or two as my Mum also jumped at the chance to give them a whirl) on products I would have otherwise passed by.

Carino Miracle Oil Shampoo and Conditioner with Argan Oil 250ml – £1.99 each
Carino Miracle Oil Shampoo and Conditioner with Argan Oil 250ml

My hair takes after me and is a fussy so and so, if it doesn’t get on with a product I soon know, with it either going lank or sticks together and looks like I’m trying, but failing to make dreadlocks.

So I was really surprised by how well this shampoo and conditioner team worked, my hair was left soft and full of life and even the frizz I often suffer from was somewhat tamed. When it came to how long it felt clean for, I easily made it through 2 days and could probably have managed a third much of the time.

My Mum also decided to try it before I took it home and her hair is about as different from mine as you can get and she didn’t want to give this duo up, saying the worked well on her hair as well.

I think both of us can see ourselves heading to Aldi to top up on both the shampoo and conditioner in the near future.

Lacura Anti-Ageing Day and Night Creams with Argan Oil – £2.99 each
Lacura Anti-Ageing Day and Night Creams with Argan Oil

This is really a set of creams for those who want to get themselves into a routine of moisturising, that is both hydrating and smoothing but don’t want to spend a fortune (and come on who doesn’t want that).

They are both in the long run said to tighten and firm the skin, but this is something I cannot comment on. However they do leave the skin feeling soft, smoothing, calmed and hydrated, which for me makes them a win and for just £2.99 a bottle, I would definitely buy them both in future in fact I would feel like I was walking away with a pretty good bargain.

Lacura Anti-Ageing Hand Cream – £1.79
Lacura Anti-Ageing Hand Cream

Hand cream is a must for me, I have multiple tubes all over the place, as I do get very dry skin on my hands, something which I try and keep on top of so it doesn’t get too painful.

This hand cream offers a light cream which is easily absorbed into the skin so doesn’t leave you flapping your hands about for ages before you can get on with your jobs.

I found it gave an instant boost of hydration to my hands and is just the right size to keep near my bed or on the table in the lounge, allowing for it to always be close at hand my a top up is needed.

I have been really impressed with all of these products and I definitely wouldn’t have expected such things from products available at this price or ones that come from Aldi.

I can definitely see myself heading to the local shop to stock up sometime soon, especially on the shampoo and conditioner.

Have you tried any of these products, or if you haven’t would you?

*I received the products in this post free of charge for the purposes of this review.

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  1. angela hamilton

    I haven’t used the ones from Aldi but I have used another brand and noticed a difference in my hair, it had a nicer shine and looked healthier

  2. Bex Walton

    I have such problems with my hair from dying it far too often, so definitely want to give that shampoo and conditioner a try. Honestly, I get through so many different brands, trying to find one that doesn’t dry out my hair or leave it sticking together (I have the dreadlock problem A LOT). I’m known to be stingy and so use Sudocrem as a moisturiser, but at those prices I’d definitely give those a go.
    As for the hand cream… Well, I get through the stuff like water! At the moment I use a Soap and Glory one that I got for Christmas, which smells delicious but I’m nearly at the end of it so time to look out for something else.
    My only issue is that the nearest Aldi is miles away for me! Do you know if they deliver stuff like this or will I have to make a trek?

    Bex x

  3. Erica Price

    Great prices for argan oil products – I’m with you on the hand cream – have some in every room.

  4. Linda Hobbis

    At prices like this you can’t really go wrong can you? I’ve only just ventured into Lidl and Aldi is definitely next on the list.

  5. Mummy m's memories

    these sound great, and perfect for me. I’m trying to get myselF into a beauty regime now I’ve got passed the wet wipe face wash face… Yep… I was that bad!! But these sound great for budget and results.

  6. Lilinha Espindula

    I have recently started shopping at Aldi, and I’m always surprised with the products I find at their store. I haven’t tried their shampoo and conditioner, or any products from their beauty range, but it’s now been added to my next shopping list x

  7. Ruthy @ Minibreak Mummy

    I have only recently started going to Aldi and so far I’m very impressed. Haven’t tried their argan oil products yet but your review has inspired me to check them out. Thanks for the tip!

  8. Clare Nicholas

    I’m loving the price, I’ll definitely have to take a look when I’m close by

  9. Jen aka Muminthemadhouse

    We love pretty much all of Aldi’s products. I think they do really great value quality things

  10. Paola

    I have not tried this brand, but argan oil is pretty good.

  11. Louise Edwards

    I have used Aldi moisturiser and think it is a fab product so will definitely be looking out for the Argan oil products – I need some new shampoo and conditioner soon so will try this. x

  12. Boo Roo and Tigger Too

    I love Aldi although I never realised that they did beauty products, I must take a look on my next visit

  13. Rachel

    Aldi really do seem to be playing the game with beauty products, there are no end of media reports as to how good they are x

  14. Nayna Kanabar

    Argan oils products are always so good, these are good value for money too.

  15. Kate Williams

    They sound really good 🙂 We are big fans of Aldi too.

  16. Kara

    I love Argan oil so am off to get some of this – such a good price

  17. Michelle

    We have a new Aldi store in town so I’ll definitely be checking these products out xx

  18. Michelle Elyse

    Oooh I’ve tried the yellow Lacura but never this one. Does it have a scent Sarah? xx

  19. Melissa Zia

    They sound brilliant and they are a good price too 🙂

  20. Angela Webster

    I hardly ever pop in to Aldi these days because it’s slightly out of the way. Next time I’m in though I’ll be picking some of the shampoo up. Such a steal!

  21. Ryan Costello

    Aldi are really branching out and stepping up their game lately. The only trouble is, it might not be there next time you want to buy it. It’s so hit and miss.

  22. Agata

    I’ve never bought any beauty products at Aldi. I didn’t even know they do any to be honest 🙁

  23. Rachel @ Parenthood Highs and Lows

    I love Aldi beauty products. I have some moisturiser from there and it is the best one I own. These look really high-end!

  24. lisa prince

    i would love to see the ingredients to this , i have been looking for more argon based products

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