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An egg you wouldn’t like to be receiving.

Every so often I read something that churns my stomach and this is one of those times. When the lovely Kay from Brink of Bedlam posted this post I knew exactly which company she was referring to as I do like to enter competitions and had actually noticed her winning it. 
Now I don’t know about you but I would be horrified to have bitten into something like that! How many people just wouldn’t have noticed especially if it was a child? So when I read her ‘update’ post which can be read here. I found it interesting that although the company claim to have recalled all stock in the batch nothing official has gone out online. That’s one hell of a company to have managed to call all customers in 24 hours!
I really do suggest you take a few minutes to read over the posts Kay’s made just in case you may have some of the batch. 
But for quick reference the company is Lucky’s and the batch details are:
Batch number is 1.0309 and the best before date is the 7th August, 2012.
Post 1: http://brinkofbedlam.co.uk/2012/04/05/3268/
Post 2: http://brinkofbedlam.co.uk/2012/04/07/not-so-lucky-easter-egg/


*Posted with the ok by Kay – please note Brink of Bedlam has nothing to do with me I just think it’s a fantastic blog and wanted to help get the word out.

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  1. Kay

    Thanks for all your help and support Sarah! :O)  xxx

  2. Ashleigh

    that is terrible!

  3. Alice Beaumont

    Yuck! that’s deffo not what the easter bunny should be bringing

  4. robertfox24

    Urgh, that made me feel sick!

  5. Sarah Bailey

    Anytime Kay 🙂 Just need to shout. x

  6. Maya Russell

    The company need to recall the eggs, and FAST. If anyone were to get food poisoning it could have serious consequences.

  7. Sarah Bailey

    It looks like they are starting to recall them now – they have posted twitter updates asking for people who have them to get in contact and not eat them at least.

  8. Kellie Faggle McIntyre

    Truly disgusting! 

  9. Zoe G

    That is gross, and things like this do put me off processed foods

  10. Laura Carroll

    ARGH! that is so disturbing! Thank goodness she noticed!

  11. Debs jeav

    That is disgusting. 
    Thanks for this post Sarah, such an eye opener

  12. Farhana Haque

    Ugh Just read Kays blog and feel sicky. The second link didn’t work so don’t know what the companys response was. Hope they were REAL sorry!

  13. Jane Mse English

    Oh my!! That’s disgusting & stillin date allegedly, could you imagine what it would be like by August – no don’t think about it,its horrible.  That’s nearly enough to put me off chocolate.  Thank you for the warning I’m sure the company must have had more people contact them with more “lovely growing” specimens from the same batch.

  14. StacieM

    wow, I think I may never eat hollow chocolate again ><

  15. Elisapilar2005

    Horrible! Yuck!

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