Beyond Candles are unlike anything you have seen before, featuring an eclectic mix of colours each one has been individually handmade, with hours of work having gone into the making of every candle you see.

One of the most wonderful things about Beyond Candles is you will never come across any two that look the same, even when you choose those of a similar colour mix, due to the technique used and the many variables involved. Beyond Candles are the only place to use this style of candle making in the UK.

One thing you can always be sure of with these candles, however, is the same amount of love and passion has been poured into each one by the maker.

Beyond Candles

Each candle comes in at approximately 31cm tall (12”) is crescent shaped, with a diameter of approximately 12cm (4.75”) and is around 5mm thick and feature 7 wicks.

While these candles look absolutely beautiful just stood on the side, or back lit by a small electric light or tea light candle, they are of course able to be burnt as well. Each of the multiple wicks on a candle has a burn time of approximately 12 hours, with you being able to burn them simultaneously or individually to create interesting effects.

Beyond Candles make the perfect gift for you or a loved one and with the wonderful mix of colours there is something to suit every home, no matter the décor.