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Pilgrims Choice have seen the new year in with a revamped look, and an amazing line up of cheeses to tickle the fancy of many a cheese lover.

Pilgrims Choice

Of course as the cheese lover I am I jumped at the chance to have a look over the new range, and with the help of my wonderful parents we set to giving them all a try. 
My Dad was given the job of trying the lighter ones and comparing them to the normal cheeses. My Dad is a huge cheese lover but needs to cut down on all things bad for you and has been on the search for a lighter cheese that to put it bluntly tastes like cheese. So my Mum being the cruel and evil person she is gave him two strips of cheese and wanted to know the difference as he is normally so quick at picking up on even a subtle difference (maybe I should nick name him taste bud man?). His verdict was for the Strong and Punchy they are smooth and with a nice tang and both pieces were from the same block of cheese. Which of course became a huge discussion had we really found the answer to my Dad’s cheese sorrow? Did the light version taste as amazing as the normal? Well I believe the answer is yes Yes YES! Which of course left my Dad a very happy man.

Pilgrims Choice

The Cheese’s come in three different varieties two of which also have a lighter option. I’m quite use to finding that cheeses when made by the same company can all taste nice but similar. I think the picture above illustrates quite well the difference in looks of the cheeses, but they also display amazing differences in taste each one it’s own. 
Strong and Punchy
Completely lives up to it’s name with a strong and punchy kick to it and amazingly delicious savory cheese. The lighter version is just as nice for those people who are after that little bit less fat.
Smooth and Rich
Has a lovely mellow but rich flavour and is also accompanied by a lighter version with 30% less fat again completely on par with the full fat version a delight for anyone who needs to go for a lighter choice.
Crumbly and Tangy
Well what can you say other than the name says it’s all this flavorsome cheese, crumbly and tangy till the end.

Pilgrims Choice

These cheese’s definitely have a huge thumbs up from the Bailey household! And with the bold new packaging they are not hard to spot on the supermarket shelf.
Have you given Pilgrims Choice a try? What do you think of the new packaging? 

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  1. Milly

    Oh wow, I love the fact a cheese post has popped up on my blogroll – I’m a huge cheese lover! I worked on a cheese counter for ages, so I like to think of myself (probably wrongly, but never mind!) as a bit of a cheese connoisseur, haha!  Pilgrim’s Choice is brilliant, and I love the new packaging. x

  2. Sarah Bailey

    Haha glad someone enjoyed it, I don’t think you can beat a good bit of cheese, it’s up there with chocolate for comfort food. I would be so bad working on a cheese counter I’d try and eat all the cheese lol. xx

  3. Tiffeny Irene Coles

    I love cheese too! I have tried Pilgrims Choice before, it’s lovely 🙂 I think the new packaging looks fab! Should we start a cheese lovers society? (I’m only half joking :P) Great post xoxo

  4. Sarah Bailey

    I am actually quite excited by the idea of a cheese lovers society o.0 mmmm cheessseee 🙂 x

  5. Emmacella

    I love cheese too!

  6. Maya Russell

    Thanks for the review. I already love Pilgrim’s Choice. Like the new packaging too.

  7. Lemon fancy

    I love cheese, I’m almost as bad with it as I am chocolate (I have the new chocolate philly in my fridge waiting for Lent to end!) I think because I used to be a vege I replaced all my meat dishes with cheese ones. Only last year I started buying PC as I found I could handle their Mature cheese and you need so much less of it in cooking. I used to use so much Mild just to get the Flavour – I’m loving this new packaging, makes it much easier to grab in a rush! Lovely review x

  8. Laura Carroll

    Mmmm yum 🙂 My hubby buys P’sC if I haven’t specifically told him to get ‘cheap cheese’ hehe! It is lovvvvely!

  9. Natasha R

    I love cheese 🙂

  10. Fashionstartshere

    Love this cheese -always thought id it wasnt from the deli coutner it wasn’t any good, but this is the exception!

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