Cyber Clean

Cyber Clean: Review

I’ve long seen Cyber Clean in adverts and wondered what it is actually like, does it clean or does it just stick in gloopy bits to anything it touches – much like the texture makes it look like it should. Which in all honesty is the reason I have never purchased any myself, I could just imagine the after effects of a £1.99 packet of gloop being stuck to my keyboard forever. But when I was offered the opportunity to review it, I thought, well others must wonder the same as me, perhaps this is the time I can put […]

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Degustabox August 2014

August has been one heck of a month and not in a great way, as well as all the car trouble, my USB failed me and I lost a lot of photos, now normally I have more than one copy, but I had borrowed my Dad’s SD to take the pictures and instead of transferring to my computer and USB I stuck it straight on USB and wiped the SD for Dad. When I went to get them back off my USB, the USB had kicked the bucket, which left me in panic mode. Thankfully my Dad has his head […]

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Vivienne Westwood Camden Lock II

Vivienne Westwood at Silver Tree

Silver Tree started as a silver specialist in the city of Lancaster over 25 years ago, since then they have grown to become stockist of well-known brands such as Michael Kors, Kit Heath, Pandora and of course Vivienne Westwood, while they have branched out to include an online store, making it easy for people across the UK to shop with them. Each purchase made from this store comes with free gift wrapping and gift bag, meaning it is the perfect place to go shopping for that special gift no matter the occasion. Have you ever come across a brand and […]

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Pets make us happy

  My animals make me happy – of course they do, they make me laugh with their antics, are always there when I need a cuddle and your never find a better secret keeper, but it’s not just the obvious that make me know they are special. They have such an impact on me, I couldn’t imagine my life without them and I certainly am unsure where I would be without Sally; in fact I’m pretty sure she has saved my life on multiple occasions. From when she got me away from my abusive ex to the times she used […]

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The 7 Best Ways to Say Sorry

If you’ve done something wrong recently that requires an apology, at least you’ve acknowledged that it’s up to you to apologise. Now, I can’t tell you what will work for definite; this depends on what you did, the person you’re apologising to, and many other factors. You may have done something unforgivable in the other person’s eyes, which I’m afraid I can’t help you with. However, if this isn’t too serious, one of the following ideas will probably work: 1. A Heartfelt Letter If you’ve done something quite upsetting, then you may want to write a heartfelt letter to explain […]

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