Win with Taking Shape

Taking Shape have come up with some gorgeous ideas for must have clothing this winter and to help you make the most of your pennies, some of the outfits ideas along with why it is loved by some of their top stylists from across the country have been put together in group buys to help you save a bit of money. One of my favourites has to be the wonderfully cosy looking outfit which includes the following three components: Metallic Knit Scarf – £15.00 Available in red/black and silver/black this gorgeous knitted scarf has metallic strands running all the way […]

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Winter Bedroom Ideas

Winter bedroom ideas

My bedroom doesn’t look like a show home, it doesn’t look pristine and quite honestly most of it doesn’t match, but it is mine and it is cosy and comfortable and to me that is what matters, above all else. However that doesn’t mean I don’t like buying new things for it, in fact, I can forever be found window shopping (or should that be sofa shopping) for new items, I might just like to buy at some point. This week I took a vertical stroll around Linens Direct, a site that is full to bursting with not only all […]

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Sleep under silk

In the past I’ve had the odd silk duvet cover, but I can definitely say I have never owned a silk filled duvet before – yes this duvet isn’t filled with some man-made fibres then wrapped in silk, it is actually filled with 100% mulberry silk, which is such a fine quality of silk it can be used in its completely natural state. Mulberry silk has many positive attributes, as well as being completely natural, dust mites; mould and all the other ‘nasty’s’ that live in most duvets are unable to thrive in mulberry silk making it perfect for those […]

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Christmas Header

Christmas gift guide #1

Christmas is way too close – I’m actually slightly worried that is only just over a month away, but hopefully we shall all soon be ready for that big day and in the spirit of all things festive, here are some great gift ideas. Nano Quad At just 4.5cm wide, these tiny RC Quadrocopter’s are perfect for anyone from beginners to more advanced users and this just happens to be a multi-award winning product which features 4-channel, 2.4GHz-Transmitter with trim control and easy battery charging via the USB connection. While the professional version has three speed levels and can ever […]

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The perfect pair of trousers

The perfect trousers

I’ve always been a trouser person, my parents recently brought back all the photographs from my aunts home, and within them we found a few of when I was a young teen and I was reminded about just how much of a tom boy I once was. While I have moved on from the plaid shirts and baggy jeans, I still yearn after the perfect pair of trousers. Nowadays though I like to go for clothing that is a bit more feminine and this year for me has definitely been the year of the printed trousers. Of course everyone’s likes […]

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