I love the theatre

Growing up I had one huge love and that was musical theatre, I remember from an early age going to see things at the Oxford Hippodrome, I would get such a buzz from the music, the singing and the dancing it was amazing. I vividly remember my first experience of the West End, my parents were trying to surprise me and had brought me tickets for my birthday to see Joseph, somehow I found them and I was so upset I thought they were going without me. It took them a while to convince me that I was going to. […]

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Naanster: a treat for your tum!

Some days I am unable to do much when it comes to making things to eat, so having something I can rely on as being tasty filling and not take-out is a must. I came across Naansters, one afternoon as I was booking the shopping to be delivered when they were on offer 2 for £3 (or an offer like that) and I thought ohhh they look interesting; I’ll have some of those. I wasn’t expecting too much, just that it would make a nice alternative to slapping together a quick cheese sandwich, so I was pleasantly surprised after popping […]

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The Best Broadband for Gamers

Finding the perfect broadband setup is one of the imperatives when looking for the best online gaming experience. There’s nothing worse than approaching a record score or brand new secret level only to be thwarted by that eternal enemy – buffering or ‘lag’. There are plenty of cheap broadband deals available online to help combat the pitfalls of slow internet which time and again hinder the functionality of any number of online gaming features. Here are a few important tips for sourcing the ideal broadband package. Level of Service It’s important to purchase the right package, based on an accurate […]

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My Dream Bedroom

My dream bedroom

My bedroom is an important room to me, one I spend more time in than I would often like and for that reason I need to have it easy to access to things around me as well as the bed itself, as well as it being a well-lit area and hopefully a room I never get tired of being in. While I love my bedroom as it is, it’s definitely not my dream bedroom and so that got me thinking what would my dream bedroom really be like? Storage is definitely a huge issue and so I love the idea […]

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Air Wick

Pamper your home with Air Wick: Competition

I often worry about what my home smells like, quite often it smells of hay, though sometimes it more eau de wet dog, which is why I started relying on home fragrances, as it meant that I always felt confident in the scent of my home. Of course there are more reasons than covering animals smells to use home fragrances, they can be a great way to can help create an atmosphere, helping you wind down of an evening or get in the mood for a certain season and of late Air Wick have brought out some wonderful ideas that no […]

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Blogging Hints and Tips

Top tips for a successful blog

If you’re already running a blog or thinking about starting one, there are lots of things you can do to make it really stand out and increase readership. But before you do anything, ask yourself: Why do you want to do it, and what is the purpose of your blog? As an exercise to help you find out and gain clarity in how you’re going to operate your blog, take out a piece of paper and write down the top three reasons you want to have one. It might be to promote a certain topic that you’re passionate about, or […]

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