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Holidays to cherish

I used to be an awful traveller as a child, in fact unless I am driving myself I still am. However like many children I always wanted to go to Disney and when we moved from Oxford to Lichfield just before I was a teen, we finally booked that dream holiday, we had to wait a year and I was coming on 14 by the time we finally stepped foot on US soil and the holiday finally began. I wish I could tell you this holiday brings only fantastic memories, but I’m going to speak the truth, some of it […]

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Swimwear for a Curvy Figure

I have to admit I am a worrier, when I was a child I would stick my latest speedo swimming costume on and zoom up and down the pool, they days I probably spend too much time worrying about what I look like in my latest buy does it make my bum look huge, does my stomach look like a huge tractor tyre are among a few thoughts that go through my mind. Sadly I am not alone as most people seem to have areas of their body they don’t like, one that they want to draw the eye away […]

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Old Wives Tale SOS Organic Anti-Hair Loss Oil Treatment: Review

When I was younger I used to have really thick, “bushy” hair, sadly over the last few years it has started to fall out (as well as going grey) and it is much thinner than it once was, while I guess on the plus side it has got rid of the worrying about it looking like I have a bush on my head, I do worry one day there won’t be much left at all so I was jumping of joy when Old Wives Tales offered me the chance to try their SOS Organic Anti-Hair Loss Oil Treatment. This 100% […]

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Souk Souk June 2014

Souk Souk: Review and Giveaway

There are many monthly beauty boxes out there at the moment, which thankfully offers everyone the chance to find something just right for them. I have to admit, although I had heard of Souk Souk, I had yet to try it, so when I was offered the chance to not only review one, but offer you lucky people the chance to win a few, I knew, I had to say yes. So how does it work? Souk Souk scouts the globe for small and niche brands that offer organic and natural products and with these they treat their customers. They […]

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Campfires and Chronic Fatigue

If you’ve never had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome you can be forgiven for thinking it’s a relatively trivial condition. The name implies that sufferers will undoubtedly feel tired and bit-run down, but surely that’s nothing new, we all feel tired from time to time! Concerned, welcomed but ultimately useless advice can often take the form of “get some sleep, have a red bull for breakfast and pull your socks up. You’ll feel fine after a hot bath and an early night”. Too tired to argue or explain that even physically pulling your socks up is an effort of titanic proportions, sufferers […]

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Like Love Loathe

Like Love Loathe #25

It’s Tuesday again, wow they really do like to creep up on us don’t they – I hope you have had a wonderful week full of lots of things to love. I’m going to admit – I’m pretty much at a loss of what to put in for this last week. I think my post from Friday sums up the whole of last week and everything else went out of the window. Sunday night was the worst, as I almost expected them to come back again then, I’m hoping now that has been and gone I can start to relax […]

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