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Weekend away outfit

Label Lab Plus Size Dip Dye Cocoon Top / Mint Velvet Silver Battered Metal Statement Necklace / Evans Plus Size Black Bootcut Jeans / Linea Marina Quilted Tote Bag / Annabelle Waterfall Cardigan / Evans Black Lizard Flatform Pump In the next couple of weeks myself and Ash are headed away for a couple of nights away and believe me I cannot wait; however I took one look in my wardrobe and panicked. I have nothing in there (OK that’s a bit of a lie of course I have clothes) but I have nothing decent, I have washed and worn […]

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Hand on Heart Jewellery

Paw prints on a charm

  I think over time I have pretty much admitted that I love having Sally personalised items, I remember for my 22nd birthday my parents asked me what I wanted, they wanted it to be something special as my 21st had gone a little awry. In my searches I came across a very talented artist and decided I needed to have Sally’s portrait done and that still hangs on my wall as a much loved piece today. There’s a couple of things I still want to get over the years so come but I can finally say that list is one […]

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Home Improvements – Ways to Make your Home Stand Out

When it comes to our homes, we want something that reflects our personality and really stands out from the crowd. Something that wows our friends when they come to dinner, and gets compliments from the neighbours who can’t stop looking over the fence and wondering how they can make their house look more like ours. Whatever your budget and style, there are ways to make your home not only beautiful, but stand out from the crowd. There are a number of techniques to improve your home and add unique, quirky and stunning features relatively easily, sometimes with little knowledge of […]

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Wooden Storage Trunk | Butterfly & Bird Design

Wooden Storage Trunk: Review and Giveaway

I remember when my Mum first brought a storage trunk for my bedroom, I was so excited, I felt there was something special about them, perhaps due to the fact they would often be referenced in books, as containing untold treasures and while I would always know what was in mine, it felt amazing to actually own one. That trunk now sits in my parents landing – I wonder what it is in it these days. When I came across this wooden storage trunk from The Basket Company it reignited my love for them and I knew one just had […]

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Save money

How do you save?

My life is very different to I imaged, I thought I would be, by my age, in a long term job, own my own home, have some savings, you know the norm. But life threw me a few curve balls and here I am, would I change it? No, as I wouldn’t be here blogging, have the friends I do or be the person I am, but that doesn’t mean I cannot change some things in the future. This infographic from AXA Self Investor left me feeling a little less alone when it came to not knowing things and a […]

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5 cheap date night ideas

Making sure you spend time with your significant other is important, so often the routines of life get in the ways, so why not make one night of the week (or even just once a month) date night. A lot of people will say but it’s expensive, well let me tell you it doesn’t have to be as there are 100s of ways to enjoy time together, without spending a fortune and here are just five of my favourites. 1. Play a board game I adore a good game of Monopoly or Cludeo, thought I next to never win, but […]

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