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Pets make us happy

  My animals make me happy – of course they do, they make me laugh with their antics, are always there when I need a cuddle and your never find a better secret keeper, but it’s not just the obvious that make me know they are special. They have such an impact on me, I couldn’t imagine my life without them and I certainly am unsure where I would be without Sally; in fact I’m pretty sure she has saved my life on multiple occasions. From when she got me away from my abusive ex to the times she used […]

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The 7 Best Ways to Say Sorry

If you’ve done something wrong recently that requires an apology, at least you’ve acknowledged that it’s up to you to apologise. Now, I can’t tell you what will work for definite; this depends on what you did, the person you’re apologising to, and many other factors. You may have done something unforgivable in the other person’s eyes, which I’m afraid I can’t help you with. However, if this isn’t too serious, one of the following ideas will probably work: 1. A Heartfelt Letter If you’ve done something quite upsetting, then you may want to write a heartfelt letter to explain […]

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Dormeo Memory Deluxe: Review

Mattress buying can be stressful – do you want a soft one, or a firm one, do you want springs or memory foam? In our home it was a nightmare – Ash wanted memory foam while I was worried; I had heard they were notoriously hot and while I have always been prone to overheating, with my fibromyalgia I would over heat and then keep going as my body is no long able to regulate its temperature at all. So the last time we brought one we compromised and went for a half sprung, half memory foam mattress. However a […]

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Grab yourself some winter sun

Is it just me or does the summer seems like it ended months ago and that we have been subjected to rain and wind for weeks on end? Which means there is a little tug inside my brain that says, perhaps, it is time you start thinking about grabbing a winter break and reminding me just how beneficial the sun is to my health? One place I have often wondered about taking a trip to is Turkey. You can find many holiday deals that will take you to the sunny Turkish Riviera which is the perfect destination with flight times of […]

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Skincare; not just for women.

As a woman skincare comes relatively easily, we see our Mum’s routine as we grow up, we easily talk to our friends about it and the media bombards us with adverts for new releases, meaning we all know that we should look after our skin, to keep it looking healthy and bright. But what about men? These days skincare seems to be becoming more important to some men, but when did they first loose the love for looking after their skin? As history points to it once having been a very important part of both genders routines, back in Ancient […]

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British Teddies

Great British Teddies: Review and Giveaway

If you happened to nose through my Facebook feed or my Instagram last week – this may not be the first time you have seen these beautiful bears, as I was running a bit of a poll, to see which one would be given away at the end of this post, if however you haven’t well it’s about time you met Veteran Bear and Sherlock Bear. Made by The Great British Teddy Bear Company comes a range of British Teddies, in fact they have over 29 iconic British figures in teddy bear form, from Florence Nightingale to Shakespeare, The Queen […]

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