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10 Tips for keeping it together as a Foster Carer

If you’re thinking of becoming a foster carer, or you already have taken that step and are developing along the process, we’ve put 10 tips together for when it comes to staying strong as a foster carer, whether you’re doing it alone or as a family unit. 1. Respect the child’s biological family This may seem harder at times than others, especially if you do have ill feelings towards them due to the way they treated the child. However, at the end of the day, they are the family of the child you are looking after, and however hard it […]

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World Viral Hepatitis Day

Did you know July 28th marks World Hepatitis Day? It is in fact one of only 4 officially recognised health days. Viral Hepatitis is the world’s eighth biggest killer with over 1.5 million people dying every year from it – that is equal to the amount of people killed by HIV/AIDS yet it gets much less publicity. There are five different types of virus that come under the Hepatitis umbrella, each one causes inflammation of the liver but can be caught and is treated in a different way, many of them can be easily prevented, through awareness, care and the passing on of […]

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Like Love Loathe

Like Love Loathe #21

Perhaps we should cheer in Tuesday this week.. Give me a T Give me a U Give me an E Ok I’m too lazy, you get the point – it’s the day when we team up with the lovely Bex over at Futures and share out Like, Love and Loathe of the week! Like I like swimming – I don’t think that’s much of a WOW, but I don’t think I’ve ever talked about the help it offers me, I can quickly notice now when I don’t go, as my mobility deteriorates at a much faster rate across the week […]

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The Click and Chat Link Up #14

The Click & Chat Social Media Link up Party #15! Thank you so much for stopping by The Click and Chat Social Media Link up Party! We are all about networking and helping you grow your social media numbers! This month we are excited to announce that this linkup will appear on 13 amazing blogs!! That is 13 times the exposure for you and your links! We are also looking for co-hosts for the coming up months, so if you are interested please contact either Amber or Kim on any of their social media and we will chat about it! […]

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How Do You Sleep?

I sleep atrociously, I never get to sleep till the early hours of the morning and some days I will sleep very little, while others I will sleep 12 / 13 hours, sometimes even more, from time to time I have been known to wake up grab something to eat and fall asleep again and I hate it. I really wish I could have the energy of most people; just enough to keep me going on a normal run of the mill day, but that isn’t me. At the moment my main issue when it comes to sleep is the […]

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Could you Lower Your Energy Bills?

Energy bills seem to do nothing but rise these days and sometimes it can be quite scary opening your most recent bill, how much will it cost, how much gas or electric did you manage to use and while you are trying to do everything you can to lower your bill, the news reports huge rises in profits of the energy companies, making everyone feel a little perplexed about how they are managing it. Energy savings experts Zenith – sent me a few items which could hopefully help lower my bills this year. Radiator Booster Placed on to top of […]

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