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Autumn lounge change around

I love the idea of changing your home as the seasons go by, it doesn’t have to be in a huge way, but perhaps in just a small way – a nod to what mother nature is doing outside, however while small is doable, that doesn’t stop me dreaming big. This autumn I would love to bring some change to my lounge and for the little touches. I would start by adding some sort of floor lamp to the room, while darkness happens where ever in the year you happen to be, with the evenings drawing in, it is much more noticeable […]

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Zombie Shower Gel

Zombie Shower Gel – Review and Giveaway

Have you ever wondered what zombie blood would look and smell like? Well wonder no more with this package from Qwerkity, as it finally eliminates all the rumours and proves it is a green, sweet smelling… Oh no wait sorry this is a shower gel pretending to be zombie’s blood – easy mistake to make.. The Zombie Shower Gel arrived boxed and ready to be gifted and is one spooktacular gift for anyone this coming Halloween (or stocking filler for Christmas if you are already thinking that far ahead). While it looks the colour of original fairy washing up liquid, […]

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Retouch Power Blush

Retouch Power Blush: Review

Do you find your phone or tablet runs out just at the wrong moment, be you in the middle of surfing the internet on a only half way home train or bus, or in the middle of that important phone call or perhaps worst of all when you’re trying to snap that one fantastic photo. I can’t even start to think about how many times this has happened to me, but it will happen no more thanks to the wonderful Retouch Power. Retouch Power offer two portable chargers the first with a slightly smaller 2600 mAh litihium ion battery is […]

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Tasty treats for cats.

I’m not sure how much you know about Poppy – she sometimes turns up on my Silent Sunday photos but I don’t think I have ever spoken much about her. I’m sure you can all guess she isn’t my cat, but what might surprise you is she actually used to be. One day back when I was in my mid-teens, this little cat was outside my parents as we went out to see my aunt. It was tipping with rain and we assumed, as she had a collar on, she would soon head home, but when we got home that evening she […]

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Shoe Love

I love shoes and it feels like forever since I posted some recent loves, I have to admit I feel like this post is a little like *spot the odd shoe out* go on I know you can spot it, it’s simple really isn’t it! But anyway these four are my recent loves, yes one is an odd one out, yes it’s a pair of supertastic converse but come on they are all as wonderful as the pair before them. Coolway – Nywest RRP: £70.99 I adore these boots, made of a mix of leather and textile they just offer […]

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Click and Chat

The Click and Chat Link Up #24

The Click & Chat Social Media Link up Party #27! Thank you so much for stopping by The Click and Chat Social Media Link up Party! We are all about networking and helping you grow your social media numbers! This month we are excited to announce that this linkup will appear on 16 amazing blogs!! That is 16 times the exposure for you and your links! We are also looking for co-hosts for the coming up months, so if you are interested please contact either Amber or Kim on any of their social media and we will chat about it! […]

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